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It's that time of year again. Home improvement season, that is!

Have you ever wondered what material is the best to use for your yard or job site? How about advice concerning the right soil for your garden, under your walkways or around your house foundation?

Introducing the Landscape 4 Less, Landscape Materials Guide, a guide to landscape materials and their uses. Put together by industry experts with over 50 years combined experience specifying, delivering and overseeing landscape installation projects.

Here are a few of the benefits of using the Landscape 4 Less, Landscape Materials Guide.

  • Take charge of your project NOW.
  • Learn what materials have multiple uses.
  • Purchase the correct material the first time.
  • Learn to save money purchasing materials, fabric and pavers.
  • Purchase only what you need and calculate the correct amount the first time.
  • Give your pen or stock animals the proper footing material and stop hoof problems before they start.
  • Replenish driveway material that compacts well and form a solid surface while still draining.
  • Understand the breadth of materials and their different uses.
  • One particular material is great for not allowing weeds to grow. Do you know what it is or how deep to apply it?

And many more.

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No matter where you purchase your materials, we can help put you in charge.

Over the years we have helped thousands of home owners solve their problems and complete their landscapes. And all that time we are ultra sensitive to their budgets. We all have to budget from time to time. We took all that experience and combined it with our industry leading knowledge to produce an eBook that can save you time and money while helping you make the right decisions the first time.

This book will put you totally in charge of your projects. Rather than relying on the seasonal employees at the landscaping material companies, you can use this book to take charge.

While seasonal or new employees can mean well, they may not have the necessary experience to know materials and uses. And that means you're the one paying a big price for that. Literally. That's why it's so critical to understand and not rely on anyone else. So you get the correct material for your project, in the right amount, the first time. No more extra delivery charges because you mis-calculated. This alone will save you much in time, effort and stress. Same for your partner!

Our main purpose with this book is to put you in control of your project, by explaining how to plan and budget your landscape project and help you decide what kind and types of materials you need as well as where to find the best prices on these materials.

Ordering materials in the correct quantities is always tricky. Everyone uses different formulas and none of them seem to match. We provide fairly conservative estimates on material calculations because going back a second time involves a second delivery charge. That alone can put a big dent in your landscape budget.

Now, with help from this book, you will be able to contact the material suppliers, tell them the quantity of the material you need and ask them for their best price. This approach works for both large and small landscaping material companies, the direct delivery companies as well as various businesses that may sell materials from time to time. And we will help you to understand the materials delivery business too!

An Introductory Price and a Disount on Delivery

The Landscape 4 Less Landscape Materials Guide sells for $29.97 and is easily worth the value over just one project. You can design and purchase with knowledge and certainly that your friends at can supply the material in need, at the time it is needed. And always using the cleanest materials at the best possible price, delivered!

For a limited time, receive a $29.97 disount from your first materils order, which will make this book FREE. We will deduct the price of the book from shipping costs so that over the length of the prooject, the book is FREE. Offer is limited to a one time discount and must be mentioned at time of order or included in the Request For Bid.

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Mountain Granite - Class 6 Roadbase GraniteRip Rap- The perfect material for slope stabilization.

Material combinations - Plan out your weed free landscape, use a minimum upkeep design.

Combine the right materials - Get the exact look for your home.

Mountain Granite - Class 6 RoadbaseWalls and Walks - Do it with flair. Create a paradise in your own living space.

Clean, beautiful, functional - The more you know, the better your choices.